Bunbury State Champs Race Report – Jonathan

Bunbury State Champs Race Report – Jonathan

Going into Bunbury, I thought, well maybe I could get on the podium but it would be a stretch. I’d been having some problems with my knee leading up and could only really manage to swim and ride. Pre-race I had already organised my mental race plan, that was to play to my strengths and hope for the best. I mean I like to attack most races pretty similarly these days, drive the swim, quick transition and drive the bike. Hope for the best on the run. “BWOOOOP.” Don’t worry I was surprised too. The start of the race was a bit unexpected as we were gathered around chatting not realising it was about to start. I think I was standing next to Matt Burton having a chat when we realised it was time to race. I dived in straight onto the jet ski’s wake which was idling on the beach before the horn went off. It sped off just as I entered and I was welcomed with a lovely stream of fuel and white wash. It didn’t bother me as Nick had mentally prepared me the night before with his unsolicited wafting bodily excretions. Anyway, I started the race pretty hard because I don’t like it when Guy hip drags me. I managed to dodge Guy, but I had also managed to gas myself in the process. The next 300m I was trying to catch my breath again. The swim went well and I exited the water with Kurt and a gap to the rest of the group. I knew I needed a fairly decent lead if I wanted to finish at the front of the race.

Onto the bike, and I started putting power down ASAP rocky. Precious seconds which I knew would be worth having later on, I tried to keep as much as I could. The bike was so nice, the roads were smooth, no wind. You couldn’t ask for a better course. At the far end of the course I noticed some glass and just managed to miss it. Unfortunately for my fellow UWA club member, Nick, he wasn’t so lucky. I pushed the whole bike course, this is one of my strengths so I thought there is no point saving energy here. This is where I will make my time up. Each time I saw Matt Burton he was a little closer, which is always worrying because he has been running so well lately. As I exited the bike course into transition I knew I couldn’t relax on this run as a huge contingent of gazelles were coming to take me down.

On the run, I was relieved to have a bike I could follow. I have been known in the past to take a wrong turn. Weirdly, I actually felt decent, I saw Nick and a few of my mates out on the course and it really gave me the energy and motivation I needed to grind. Nick would yell, “you’ve f***’n got this!” You know when Nick says that you have to live up to it. Every time I rounded a u-turn I would look to see how much time I had. Matt was holding steady at 1min 30. Zeke on the other hand was running the house down. I genuinely thought he was going to catch up to me until the last turn around. I think I had about 40 seconds, which was just enough for me to feel like finally I had it. The last 1km I actually began to realise I was going to win this race. It was surreal as I hadn’t envisioned it like I normally do when I have been training really hard for a race I want to do well in. Crossing the line was a relief and I was greeted with my friends and the race director for a post-race interview. It was great to see my good friend Oggi come away with a PB too, and Hamish taking out his age group. Thanks for reading.