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Do I have be a UWA student / have an affiliation with UWA to join?

Nope, we welcome everyone. Some of our members are UWA staff or students, but plenty have had nothing to do with UWA other than through triathlon. Everyone is welcome! 

Do I need any experience in triathlon to join?

Nope, whether you are just managing a lap in the pool to competing internationally, we have members at all levels!

Is training compulsory?

Nope, some members just join for the insurance and priority entry benefits. However, we recommend getting involved in our awesome community and developing your fitness and skills in our training sessions!

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

• Priority race entry into popular events

• Training insurance

• Racing insurance

• Decreased race entry cost

• Be part of a community and meet people at races, training and social events!

When is triathlon season?

Triathlon season in Perth is from around October to early May. Plenty of people participate in running and riding events over winter. For the most part, we keep the training going year round but check out the Training page for the most up to date information. 


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