UWATC Update - July 2021

Published Thu 08 Jul 2021


  • We are back at training!
  • 2021/22 Season Calendar is out! 
  • Memberships for 2021/22 Season are now available



Grant Landers

The Presidential Platform

Hello team! 

We had a couple of weeks with some lockdowns and restrictions in place but we are back now with all training sessions going ahead. Thank you all for being so understanding and supportive.

Looks like we are having a big group participating at the upcoming Perth Half Marathon on 1st August. Way to go, team! Keep an eye out on the FB group for some proposals on post-race recovery venues 

Here are the latest updates: 

  • Season calendar - Dates for 2021/22 races have been released. Have a look at the whole calendar here. The committee will have its strategy meeting at the end of this month and choosing the club races will be part of the agenda so stay tuned next month for the announcement. 
  • UWA Swimming Term 3 - Registrations for Term 3 of the EnduroFit Squad are now open. Enrol online or call the Aquatics Office on 6488 2277
  • Gym memberships - We have gym memberships available for club members. $160 AUD for a whole year is such a bargain that you definitely don't want to miss out on this. Please email me if you are interested in grabbing one. 
  • Triathlon Australia Memberships. Triathlon Australia has transitioned to a new membership system, Go Membership. This means that your membership has not been automatically renewed as in previous years. Make sure to renew your membership to continue enjoying all its benefits. More information here. 

It's been chilly and wet recently, make sure to stay safe!

Gaby Villa 
UWA Triathlon Club President

Sports nutrition tip - Brought to you by  


Nutrition for a half-marathon 

The half-marathon is an endurance event that relies on the aerobic system where carbohydrate and fat are the biggest sources fo energy. Ensuring you arrive at the start line with your fuel tank full and your glucose levels stable during the event will guarantee more successful outcomes. Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions I get. 

  • Do I need to carb-load? Yes! Increasing your carbohydrate intake the 1-2 days before the event will boost your glycogen reserves (your body's main fuel source) in preparation for the race. Aim for 7-10g of carbohydrate per kg of body weight. Reducing your fibre and fat intake during this period will also reduce the likelihood of experiencing stomach issues during the race. 
  • What should I eat for breakfast? Include a carbohydrate rich meal 1-2 hours before the event. These are some easy suggestions:
    • Toast with jam and a banana
    • Weetbix with milk and honey (make sure your body is comfortable with having dairy before running)
    • Muesli bar and fruit
  • It will take me less than 2 hours, I don't really need to eat during the race, right? Not really, including additional carbohydrate intake has been demonstrated to be beneficial for events as short as 30 minutes. Adding a sports drink (if available) or carrying a gel or two with you is recommended. If gels are not your jam, you can opt for carrying a sports bar (e.g. clif bar), energy chews or lollies. The recommendation is to sit around 30g per hour. 
  • Any other tips? 
    • Pre-race caffeine has also demonstrated to be beneficial. Having a strong coffee with your breakfast can be helpful.
    • Stay well hydrated before, during and after the race. 
    • Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have practised it during training to ensure your body is comfortable. The race simulation this Sunday is a perfect opportunity! 
    • Don't forget the recovery afterwards. You can add electrolytes to your water to support your fluid replenishment and include a meal high in carbohydrate and protein preferable within the first 2 hours after finishing your race. 

Did I miss anything? Please contact me if you have any further questions. 

I'll see you at the start line! 

Do you have any nutrition questions... Send them through! 

Follow @Intenseatfit for more triathlon nutrition advice 


2021/22 Memberships are open


Thank you to all of our members and community for your feedback over the past few years. We are so pleased to be able to diversify our national membership offerings after hearing what you had to say. Some of the changes include:

  • New membership categories with varying levels of cover to better suit your individual triathlon lifestyle
  • A new way for coaches, technical officials and professional athletes to add their status to their membership
  • A new membership portal that is easier to use

Have a read at Triathlon Australia's website, and sign up for season 2021/22 today!


Running shoes wanted

The WAMC is inviting runners to bring their old running shoes to the Perth Half Marathon on 1st Auugst and put them to good use. These shoes will be passed on to institutions such as the Geraldton Sporting Aboriginal Corporation to support young Aboriginal kids with their development of soccer skills and social/life skills, teamwork, leadership, self-management, health and wellbeing. 

Your donations will be much appreciated! 


All about... Lachie Tweedie!

1. Tell us about yourself?

I’m 23 years old, currently doing a Masters degree in Pharmacy, with the end goal of that to end up in a hospital setting of some sort. Outside of studying and training, I’m a mad sports fan, with my specialty areas mainly being AFL, NBA, cricket and NFL. I’m also very into snowboarding, and once the borders open up, I’ll be heading over to Japan the first chance I get!

2. How did you start in triathlon and when did you join the club?

I’m still very new to the sport – so much so that I have never done one before! I’ve always had an interest in triathlons, mainly through watching the Brownlee brothers dominate at the Olympics, but never really thought of giving it a try up until this year, mainly because I found footy last year becoming a bit of a chore, so I thought I’d give it a crack and see how I’d go.

3. What do you enjoy most about the sport?

The fact that you get out what you put in, and that for the most part you are the only one who can influence your own performance, as opposed to team sports, where there are a host of other factors that can impact success.

4. Favourite leg and why?

The run – It’s the leg I’ve had the most experience in, and I enjoy the physical and mental challenges it offers in both training and competition

5. Best triathlon tip?

Train with mates – makes it more fun, you have someone to hold you accountable, and you generally will both benefit from it.

6. What’s your next goal?

In terms of triathlons it’s the Busso half ironman in December, but also am hoping to break the sub 4 mins per kilometre in the Perth Half Marathon coming up in August



2020/21 Club Races

Keep an eye out for our 2021/22 Club Races once the new season calendar is announced. 

UWA athletes recognised at Triathlon WA Awards


A number of UWA Student Athletes and UWA Triathlon Club members have been recognised for their efforts in the 2020/21 Season at the annual Triathlon WA Awards.

UWA Student Athlete Jonathan Sammut was awarded Men's Senior Open Triathlete of the Year, besting fellow UWA studentand UWA Triathlon Club member Nick Thompson. The Women's Senior Open Triathlete of the Year was also claimed by the UWA community, with Felicity Sheedy-Ryan of the UWA Triathlon Club.

A number of other UWA Triathletes were also acknowledged at the awards, with Rebecca Puccini receiving the Women's Junior 12-13 Years Triathlete of the Year Award, and Alexandra Meek receiving the Women's Senior 35-39 Years Triathlete of the Year Award. Triathlon WA also acknowledged the contribution of UWA Triathlon Club member Phil Madden for 5 years' service as a technical officer.

These awards mark the end of the triathlon season for 2020-21, and UWA athletes will return to racing later in the year for the 2021-22 season

Article here




Latest race reports

Hopefully some new coming next month after the Perth Half Marathon 




Alberto Puccini - Run Alberto Run

Oggi Zurzolo - Expect the unexpected

Jonney Sammut & Nick Thompson - Manama Jeff


Hamish Delorenzo - Busselton 70.3

Alberto Puccini - Bunbury Olympic Distance

Tony Smith - Great Southern Ultra Challenge

Gaby Villa - 70.3 Los Cabos 2019

Alison Smith - ITU Lausanne 2019

Justin Ghosh - 70.3 Philippines

Rahul Jegatheva - Aquathlon Nationals

All race reports

Tony Smith

Have your own race report to share? See the website for some instructions on how to send it through.




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